From the bustling city of Savannakhet, Laos to the quite musings of country town Albury, Australia; artist Phonsay Phothisomphane, draws from a life of balance and contrast to create surreal minimalist images via painting, photography and digital editing.

Having discovered his artistic talents from an early age, Phonsay slipped seamlessly into a career in graphic design and print management in Sydney. Back in a metropolis, he started playing around with architectural photography – a weekend pastime that quickly turned into a full-time endeavor.

Between the Lines II - P22

Between the Lines II

Switching gears, Phonsay relocated to Melbourne to focus on photography and digital editing. Styling his images around architecture, geometrical shapes and patterns, lines,  angles, people and the bizarre world of surrealism.
Phonsay - Artist Focus

Bait Ball

In an unexpected twist to the genre of surreal minimalism; Phonsay naturally draws inspiration from his Buddhist upbringing. The lesson of balance and harmony that his father instilled in him since childhood has a playful role in his work.

Phonsay’s enigmatic work takes us on a journey through barren landscapes, moody skies, tranquil surrounding and angular structures; bordering between reality and imagination. He balances colours harmoniously and objects within their positive and negative spaces
Blow Fish - P22

Blow Fish

Bubble Gum Dreams - P22

Bubble Gum Dreams

Divergence - P22


Fade Out - P22

Fade Out

Into the Dark - P22

Into the Dark

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