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Long time collaborators photographer Mads Perch and art director Roberto Rosolin decided to respond to these challenging times by setting on a creative journey with their latest personal project 'The Portal'. 'The Portal' is meant to represent a gateway to a new and brighter beginning. The project was shot on locations in South East England using

Whilst deep in lockdown and with a newfound perspective, Brazilian artist Vik Muniz drew inspiration from crowds, movements and large gatherings, exploring ideas and themes behind the nature of transmission for this, his new body of work titled 'Surfaces' Muniz is an influential contemporary Brazilian artist best known for his complex photographic works. Sourcing a

Lockdown has limited our approach to communication and interaction. The constant flow of email, zoom calls and media, in general, can all get very intoxicating. The little exchanges we've always taken for granted have been compressed into virtual data. Technology is great, and it's amazing we have this resource, but nothing champions real human

Why did the toilet roll roll down the hill? To get to the bottom. Awful jokes aside, the insane scramble for toilet paper just before the lockdown was a surreal phenomenon and not in the slightest bit funny. Inspired by this crazed behaviour, Arben Vllasaliu decided that the humble roll should take on hero

Essential reading for these dystopian times by Johan Deckmann, a Copenhagen-based artist, practicing psychotherapist and author. Summed up by Felicity Carter in a recent Forbes interview, Johan's work is "One part humorous, two parts sartorial and a million parts truthful, expect a reflection of today’s society." Johan Deckmann Lockdown Q&A How have you been feeling during