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British Food Misunderstood by Ilka & Franz

In their British Food Misunderstood series, Ilka & Franz reinvent six of the most confusing British dishes. How would you imagine Black Pudding, Shortbread or Bubble and Squeak if you had no idea what they were? Ilka & Franz are both not British born, nor native speakers of English, so they tapped into their own food-related misconceptions from the time when they first moved to the UK. “Cream tea was pretty puzzling to me and for ages I thought mince pies had meat in them,” says Ilka.

Ilka & Franz shot six still life images using set design, simple compositions and their signature saturated colour palette to create a head-scratching take on British cuisine.

Fish Fingers
Short Bread
Bubble and Squeak
Cream Tea
Mince Pies
Black Pudding

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