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kevin mcgloughlin film for max cooper

‘Yearning for the Infinite’ A Film by Kevin McGloughlin for max cooper

In Pursuit of Ghosts is a representation of the daily grind.
We assign meaning to our existence , what matters to me might not matter to you.

This struggle to obtain more in life is something I think we can all relate to.
We want to be better looking, better artists, run faster, achieve more…
Basically all of this means nothing really unless we assign meaning to it.

As Max put it “everyone is yearning for the infinite”…
This struggle for development and growth can be amazingly positive and amazingly negative, depending on each individual.

‘Yearning’ for the unachievable is something to be harnessed.
While we know reaching for the infinite is reaching for something we can never grasp,
(in this life anyways) the collective journey as humans, and realizing the tiny fraction of possibilities is an incredible phenomenon…I prefer the word miracle really 🙂

Kevin McGloughlin

The final track from the album was written with my long-term collaborator, the great pianist and composer, Tom Hodge. Visually it’s a story of how, as individuals, we are compelled to keep going, indefinitely. The imagery from Kevin McGloughlin uses an early example of moving image, featuring a woman walking, the simplest few frames, yet a scene which speaks a thousand words. It needed something somber but with hope, our endless pursuit and attempts to make sense of the world we live in, and my synth work didn’t seem to do it justice. It needed an old instrument to match, so I drew on work with Tom to find the right musical fit. The same applies throughout the project, the music is primarily defined by visual requirements.

Max Cooper

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